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psf TrivialFontEdit

Sat Mar 13 2004, 0:59 AM


Linux console fonts come as .psf files. They are bitmap definitions of 8-bit wide characters.

A pair of extremely trivial utilities is supplied: bin2asc and asc2bin. The first one is used to convert the input file into its ASCII representation, where every byte is shown as one line of ASCII, one character per bit, which allows easy editing of the character bitmaps by any text editor.

A sample font is included.


bin2asc.c (download) - binary file to ASCII
asc2bin.c (download) - ASCII file to binary
lat2-14-shad.psf - sample 8x14 font, designed for high readability. Latin2, with Czech characters. Designed for SVGATextMode, mode 132x43_14.

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