Brutalist projects, rough hacks.

Raw data for raw nerves.
Smaller utilities are below.
Various tables are here.

London Doping Olympics 2012 - nandrolone as olympic logo
3d_BindingPostCovers 3D printed binding post covers - Covers for 19mm spaced banana-plug binding posts, for safety
3d_ElectricCarContactorCover 3D printed electric car contactor cover - Contactor cover for the Luka EV electric car
3d_FilamentHolder 3D printed filament spool holder - Ball-bearing equipped holder for 3D printing filament
3d_KitchenHook 3D printed kitchen hook - Squeeze-to-release latchable kitchen hook for round shafts
3d_KosselXLExtruderMotorMount Kossel XL 3D printed extruder motor holder - Improved mount for the Kossel XL geared motor
3d_KosselXLHeadFanMount Kossel XL 3D printed workpiece cooling fan holder - Improved holder for a head-mounted workpiece cooling fan
3d_MiniSIMtoMicroSIMadapter SIM card miniSIM to microSIM conversion, adapter - Adapter and cutting mask for conversion between miniSIM and microSIM card form factor
3d_MolecularModels 3D printed molecular models - Tips and tricks for printing molecules from plastic filament
3d_TeamakerFilterHolder 3D printed teamaker filter holder - Adapter to hang a teamaker filter from the kitchen cupboard
android_dropbear_scp Android SSH/SCP - Using Dropbear for Android ssh and scp
art_EnamelFromBeads Art - Enameling - Small jewels made from enameled sheet metal
art_FusedGlassEarrings Art - fused-glass earrings - Earrings made from flame-fused beads
art_GlassAluminiumPendants Art - Glass and aluminium - Small jewels made from molten glass and aluminium sheet
art_GlassCopperSpider Art - glass and copper spider - A small statue of a spider, made of stranded copper wire and melted-on glass beads
art_TiffanyPendants Art - Tiffany-technique pendants - Jewels from colored glass and stones
art_UraniumGlassJewels Uranium glass jewels - Uranium glass pendant and earrings
autohosts autohosts - A simple program for maintaining IP/name assignment in /etc/hosts for dynamic IP addresses
autoindex AutoIDXgen - Simplifies maintenance of project list description webpages by allowing storing the informations in the projects' pages.
badcaps Suspicious capacitors - List of suspicious capacitor brands, compiled off the Net
chem_Cyanotype Cyanotype test - Testing the cyanotype way of making photographs
chem_ThermochromicBreadboard Thermochromic breadboard - A solderless breadboard showing temperature of the parts
chem_ThermochromicKitchenware Thermochromic kitchenware - Temperature-indicating cups, mugs, tea kettles, etc.
entropy Entropy Factory - a simple hardware audio noise generator for cryptography-grade entropy generation for /dev/random
ethblink EthBlink - Hardware project. Ethernet loopback with periodical opening/closing.
experiment_CO2laserBurnHealing CO2 laser burn healing - Healing progress of an accidental CO2 laser skin burn
experiment_GeigerOnAPlane Geiger on a Plane - In-flight radiation level measurement
experiment_UraniumProspecting Uranium ore prospecting - Sourcing some mildly radioactive stones
fonted psf-TrivialFontEdit - an extremely trivial bitmap font editor. 8x14 Latin2 enhanced-readability Czech font included.
food_LaserEngravedCandy Laser engraved candy - Tests of laser cutting of pressed sugar candy
garlic2 Garlic2 - a simple POP3 proxy for Linux/xinetd for disabling Microsoft™ Worms™. Renames executable attachments as they pass through. As effective as simple.
googleearth Google Earth - Google Earth utilities and overlays
handleform HandleForm - HTML form decoder. Extracts fields from a web form.
HM2007 HM2007 - a PDF of a speech-recognition chip
hw_100xScopeProbe 100x scope probe - High-voltage oscilloscope probe
hw_19inchRackShelf Shelf rack - Hardware project. Shelf rack for hanging 19" rack equipment to a wall.
hw_3DprinterDevRig 3D printer server and dev environment - Configuring a Kossel XL as a standalone printserver
hw_3DprinterKosselXLassembly 3D printer Kossel XL assembly - Notes and experiences with a Kossel XL assembly
hw_AmmoboxPC Ammo box computer - Hardware project. A portable dual-power computer built in an ammo box
hw_ATXpoweradapter ATX bench power adapter - Hardware project. Adapter for an ATX power supply.
hw_AutotransformerVariacMod Krizik RT2,5 Variac Mod - Modification of a variac for easier use in lab and field
hw_BananaPiCANbusAdapter Banana Pi CAN bus adapter - Hardware project. TJA1050-based CAN interface for Banana Pi.
hw_CasioExilimPowerSupplyAdapter EX-FH25 power supply - Hardware project. External power supply for a Casio Exilim EX-FH25
hw_cellphone_glove Cellphone-friendly gloves mod - Hardware project. Small modifications to increase usability of winter gloves to allow easier usage of cellphones.
hw_chip_USBinterfaces USB-serial interface chips - USB interface chips, notes
hw_comswitch COM port switch - Hardware project. Reset a rack of network switches from serial port of a computer.
hw_CoolingFanRegulation Cooling fan regulator - Temperature-dependent regulation for cooling fans
hwdoc HardwareDoc - Documentation of what hardware works with Linux and what it required to make it sing
hw_EbookLibrettoCradle Ebook Prestigio Libretto charging cradle - Hardware project. Charging cradle for an ebook.
hw_ElectricScrewdriverPowerUnit Electric screwdriver power module - A source of low-rpm high-torque power, shared with different devices
hw_ESRmeter Capacitor ESR meter - Hardware project. Measuring instrument for capacitor ESR.
hw_EthernetKeychainTester Ethernet Keychain Tester - Hardware project. Very simple keychain-sized Ethernet port activity tester.
hw_FieldMeter RF field strength indicator - Indicator of electromagnetic field strength
hw_HighPowerLedLampBLUESUN BLUESUN LED lamp - 50-watt blue LED lamp for photochemistry
hw_HighVoltageResistors 100 megaohm resistors - High-voltage, 100-megaohm resistors
hw_HomemadeThermalFuse Homemade thermal fuse - Hardware project, part. Cheap semi-resetable thermal fuse.
hw_HotAirBlower Hot air blower - Hardware project, tool. Hot air generator made from a hairdryer.
hw_IrDAmonitor IrDA monitor - Hardware project. Patch for an USB IrDA dongle to show the communication on human-visible LEDs.
hw_IsolatedMainsPowerSupply Isolated AC power supply - Hardware project. Isolated AC power supply with switchable output voltage.
hw_KeychainEthernetLoopback Keychain-EtherLoopback - Keychain-sized Ethernet loopback adapter
hw_KeychainMicroUSBcable Keychain-microUSB - Keychain-sized microUSB cable
hw_LaserFrame Laser Frame - Laser frame for a camera, framing its view with four lines
hw_LevelShifter DC signal level shifter - Hardware project. Used for shifting signal levels.
hw_LightbulbLimiter Lightbulb Limiter - Hardware project. Lightbulb device for current-limiting of mains devices
hw_LightbulbLimiterHighPower Lightbulb Limiter High-Power - High-power current limiter and load
hw_LightedPowerCable Lighted power cable - Hardware project. Low-voltage power cable with built-in power indicator
hw_LightTable Light table - Hardware project. Light table from a LCD panel.
hw_MultimeterDT4000ZCupgradeUSBwifiHaptic DT4000ZC multimeter wifi upgrade - Retrofit of a multimeter with USB port, ESP8266 NodeMCU wifi interface, rechargeable batteries, haptic beeper, flashlight
hw_MWElectricCarMotorTestJigLukaEV Luka EV motor test jig - Jig for easier wiring modification for motor and controller, for through-controller charging
hw_nokiabat Nokia battery hack - Hardware project. Adapter to feed a Nokia 3310/3410 from 5V DC without internal battery.
hw_NokiaE71charger Zero-standby charger - Hardware project. Phone charger for Nokia E71 with mains auto-disconnect.
hw_NokiaE71powerhack Cellphone power hack - Nokia E71 microUSB power hack
hw_OctopusCable Multidrop IEC power cable - Saving space and mess with powering more tools from one cable
hw_PancakeGeiger PancakeGeiger Mk1 - High-sensitivity Geiger counter
hw_phonecasemod Nokia E61 casemods - Hardware project. Small modifications to increase usability of Nokia E61.
hw_phonechargermod Irish-European phone charger - Hardware project. Phone charger modified to work in Ireland and continental Europe without need of an adapter.
hw_phoneon Cellphone PhoneOn - Hardware project. Device to keep a cellphone powered on.
hw_PowerBrick PowerBrick - Portable high-capacity 5V charger
hw_powerstrip Relay Powerstrip - Hardware project. Computer-controlled power strip, for switching up to 3 devices, for home automation system.
hw_PowerSupply2kV Low-power supply 2kV - Adjustable power supply of 2100 volts, few tens of milliamps
hw_RaspberryPiSPIdisplays Raspberry Pi SPI display - attaching TFT LCD displays with touchscreen to Raspberry Pi
hw_remotereset Remote RESET - Hardware project. Reset a computer from serial port of another computer.
hw_RoomLight USB Room Light - Hardware project. USB-controllable room light.
hw_ServoController Model servo controller - Hardware project. A controller for four RC servos.
hw_SignalGenerator Function generator with XR2206 - Square, triangle, sine, and white/pink noise generator with XR2206 chip
hw_SimpleHotPlate Simple hot plate - Hot plate made from a clothes iron and a bimetallic thermostat
hw_SmallPowerSupply Small power supply - Pocket-sized portable regulated power supply
hw_SpotWelder MOT spot welder - Hardware project. Spot welder made from a microwave oven transformer.
hw_TDCS TDCS unit - Transcranial Direct Current Stimulator
hw_TestTubeRack Test tube rack, lasercut - Test tube rack, parametrically generated, laser cut, whole toolchain described
hw_ThermochromicBreadboard Thermochromic breadboard - A breadboard with visual indication of overheating of the parts.
hw_ThermochromicPowerStrip Thermochromic Power Strip - A power strip with visual indication of overheating.
hw_ThermostatKettle Water-bath kettle - Hardware project. Temperature-stabilized water bath made from a decommissioned electric kettle.
hw_TicTacCharger Small USB camera battery charger - Dual-standard USB camera battery charger, built into a TicTac candy box
hw_TriacRegulator Triac regulator - Hardware project. A triac regulator for lightbulbs, heaters and brushed AC motor speed.
hw_TriacSwitch Triac Switch - Hardware project. Solid-state relay from discrete parts.
hw_unipowerstrip Universal Powerstrip - Hardware project. Power strip modified to use standard power cords.
hw_UVlampLED UV LED lamp 5W - UV-A LED lamp, 5 watts, 400 nm
hw_UVlampTube UV germicidal lamp - UV germicidal lamp, 254 nm, 8W
hw_wattmeterhack FH9999 wattmeter mod - Hardware project. Reverse-engineered wattmeter, hack for pulse output
hw_ZigbeeSensorLiIonRetrofit Zigbee sensor Li-ion retrofit methods - Lithium battery replacement with Li-ion for small devices
ip2loc ip2loc, ipdiffmask - Program for converting IP addresses to geographical locations, and a program for converting between netmask representations.
ipx IPX over VPN - Documentation for IPX over VPN
jig_WireClamp jig-wireclamp - Jig: quick-attach wire clamp
keydriver Keydrivers - Keychain screwdrivers
keytops Keytops - Fridge magnets from old keyboards
lrc_indexer LRC file indexer - a simple semiautomatic timestamper for LRC lyrics files
machining_CameraWoodBolt Camera wood screw - Screw for mounting a camera to any wooden object
machining_CastEpoxyNutForSolderingIron Soldering iron tip change nut, epoxy cast - Nut for tool-free removal/replacing of soldering iron sleeve tip holder
machining_CoffeeGrinderScrewdriverAdapter Coffee grinder electric screwdriver adapter - Adapter to semiautomate coffee grinding
machining_ColorCodedDrillBits Color-coded drill bits - How to dramatically lower the time spent searching for the proper drill bit diameter
machining_DrillPressCollet Drill press collet - Collet for a drill press to hold the Morse taper in for milling
machining_HalogenLamp Drink can halogen lamps - Simple 12V halogen lamps for machining tools
machining_HighVisTools High-visibility tools - How to dramatically lower the time spent searching for often-used tools in the workshop
machining_MagneticDoorLock Magnetic door lock - Hard-drive magnet used to keep door staying closed, while being easily opened.
machining_MicrotomeM16 Microtome M16 - A simple microtome made from a M16 bolt
machining_SpyBolt Cache in a bolt - Spy toy - secret cache inside a bolt
machining_SpyBoltMicroSD MicroSD-card spy bolt - Hollow bolt with internal cavity large enough for a microSD card
machining_StepDrillBitHexShank Step drill bit hex shank adapter - 1/4" hex adapter for a step drill bit
machining_TripodM8adapter Tripod bolt adapter - 1/4"-to-M8 bolt adapter
machining_ViseRepair Repairing a broken vise - Attempt to bolt and then weld a cracked cast iron vise
mailbug MailBug - Demo application for an email web-bug setting.
method_3dPrintingCombinedMaterialInSituCasting Method: 3d-printing with in-situ casting - Hybrid manufacturing, casting elastomer into 3d-printed part - motor mount with silentblocks
method_brazing_resistance_wire Repairing resistance wires - Hardware project, method. Repaing resistance wires.
method_case_labels Case labels - Simple, good-looking labels for devices
method_connector_body_repair Connector repairs - Simple method for making connector bodies and strain reliefs
method_EDMdischargeCircuitboardEtching Method under development: EDM machining of circuitboards - Electrical discharge machining of circuitboards
method_ExorcisingEUvolumeWarningFromAndroid Removing volume warning from Android - Method: Exorcising Brussels from Android - removing volume warning nannyware
method_salvage_ferrite_cores Salvaging ferrite cores - Hardware project, method. Disassembling potted ferrite transformers.
method_salvage_lcd_polarizers Salvaging LCD polarizers - Hardware project, method. Disassembling LCD panels, salvaging polarizer films
method_salvage_lead_from_batteries Salvaging lead from batteries - Hardware project, method. Disassembling sealed lead-acid batteries, salvaging lead plates
method_SimpleLiPolyOverdischargeCutoff Li-poly overdischarge protection - Very simple, very cheap lithium battery overdischarge protection circuit
method_TO220toD2PAKconversion TO220 to D2PAK conversion - Method for conversion of TO220 transistors to D2PAK SMD variants
method_TshirtStenciling T-shirt bleach stenciling - Using cardboard laser-cut stencils for making t-shirt patterns
method_VUmeterReuse VU meters reuse - How to reuse cheap VU meters as indicator-grade voltmeters and ammeters
method_YoutubeRegionCheat Cheating YouTube region enforcement - Method: Cheating YouTube region enforcement
microscope Cheaposcope - a cheap homemade microphotography device. Intended for aiding microelectronics reverse engineering and for home science.
mod_12VtoDualUSBcharger 12V-to-USB charger - Hardware project. Reverse-engineering of an off-the-shelf car USB charger, adaptation of connectors.
mod_AsusZenfoneM1BootloaderUnlock bootloader unlock, Asus Zenfone M1 - manual unlock method of Asus Zenfone M1 bootloader, LineageOS installation, with explanation
mod_BathroomLight Repair and mod of a bathroom light - Power supply replacement and additional switch for a bathroom light
mod_CanonPowershotA2600InternalCharger Canon Powershot A2600 internal charger - Canon Powershot A2600 internal battery charger and external power supply
mod_headsets Modifications of headsets, replaceable cords - Replaceable cords for headsets
mod_K40LaserLargeHeight K40-III laser z-space increase - Mod of the "Blue Horror" to allow cutting tall objects
mod_K40LaserLensMount K40-III laser lens mount mod - Mod of the "Blue Horror" lens holder to keep the lens centered
mod_LaptopThinkpadR60cooling Laptop cooling hack - Thinkpad R60 cooling hack
mod_ReprapDiscountLCDcorruptionFilter Character LCD display corruption solution - EMI filters for Reprap Discount Smart Controller class displays
mod_RigolDS1052Dscope DS1052D oscilloscope fan silencing - Replacement of a fan in the DS1052D oscilloscope with a quieter one
mod_RigolDS1052DscopeProbeHolder DS1052D oscilloscope probe holders - Holders for scope probes and their cables for easy portability
mod_SolderingIron Modifications of a soldering iron - Power socket replacement and thermal insulation for a soldering iron
mod_StereoMicroscope Stereomicroscope modifications - Modifications of a stereomicroscope
mod_USBhubPowered Externally powered USB hub - Simple modification of a USB hub to run from external power
mod_USBpoweredSolderingIron Battery-to-USB powered soldering iron conversion - Modification of a battery powered soldering iron to a USB powered variant
No-EU A set of labels declaring independence and sovereignity of person, thoughts, and property within the European Union
phpbarcode barcode.php - A very simple PHP front-end for a barcode generator. Shows barcode images.
picoqmail PicoQmail - a very simple replacement for /usr/sbin/sendmail for systems not requiring their own MTA but needing to send a mail outside time to time. An external mail relay is required.
repair_chair Repair of an office armchair - Mechanical repair of a delaminated plywood of an armchair
repair_Guitar Repair of a guitar - Mechanical repair of a broken neck of a guitar
repair_hairdryer Repair of a hairdryer - Repair and reverse engineering of a broken hair dryer
repair_HeaterStirrerPlate Hotplate stirrer reconditioning - Reverse engineering and repair of a lab hotplate stirrer
repair_KitchenFork Repair of kitchen fork - Silver-brazing of a broken kitchen fork
repair_LenovoYogaB8080tablet Lenovo Yoga HD10+ (B8080) tablet repair - Repair of a dropped Yoga HD10+ tablet, with a broken off battery and severed battery cable
repair_SoularCharger Repair of solar charger - Disassembly and repair of a mechanically damaged solar charger
repair_StainlessStrainer Repair of broken strainer - Welding broken handles on an Ikea stainless strainer
repair_ThinkpadR60 Repairs of a Thinkpad R60 - Mechanical repairs of a laptop
repair_UPSbattery Battery replacement in APC Back-UPS RS800 - Replacement of sealed lead-acid batteries in APC Back-UPS RS800
repair_WeldingAluminiumMotorbikeClutchLever Repair of broken aluminium clutch lever - Brazing and welding attempts of a broken cast aluminium motorbike clutch lever
reveng_BrokenIGBT Reverse engineering: Failed IGBT - Dissection and partial salvage of a failed IGBT
reveng_BurnedCrappyChinesePhoneCharger Reverse engineering: Failed phone charger - Dissection of a dead crappy Chinese phone charger
reveng_CanonPowershotA2600 Canon Powershot A2600 - Canon Powershot A2600 disassembly and notes
reveng_CarCoolerFridge Reverse engineering: car cooler - Reverse engineering of a Peltier-based car cooler/fridge
reveng_cfl reveng-CFL - Reverse engineering: EuroLite 15W CFL
reveng_DRSB01 DRSB-01 Geiger Counter review - A review of a Russian DRSB-01 Geiger counter
reveng_ElectricalCrucibleFurnace Electrical crucible furnace K59 - Taking apart the crucible furnace
reveng_LiIonBatteryCellRCR123a Tenergy RCR123a 650mAh Li-ion cell teardown - Parameters and internal structure of a Li-ion battery cell
reveng_Mivvy Mivvy MIDroid Q751 - Reverse engineering and information: Mivvy MIDroid Q751
reveng_MP4_watch MP4 Watch - Reverse engineering: MP4 Watch, cable, pinouts, documentation
reveng_NarexDrillSpeedRegulator Narex drill speed regulator - Reverse engineering: Narex drill speed regulator
reveng_NikonS51c Nikon S51c - Reverse engineering: Nikon S51c, cables, pinouts, documentation
reveng_NokiaHS47 Nokia HS47 handsfree - Reverse engineering: Nokia HS47 handsfree, schematics pinouts, documentation
reveng_PowerSupplyUTP3703S Reverse engineering: Power supply UTP3703S - Reverse engineering and repair of a power supply UTP3703S
reveng_QiChargers Teardown: Qi chargers - Reverse engineering of a Qi charger puck and the stickers
reveng_RemoteControlHeadphones reveng-headset - Reverse engineering: Remote-control headset
reveng_spypen Spy Pen - Reverse engineering: Spy Pen, its behavior, structure, file formats
reveng_TD2200 Wintex TD2200 - Reverse engineering: Wintex TD2200, cable, serial protocol
reveng_type618stungun 618 TYPE stun gun, reverse-engineered schematics - A schematics of Chinese "618 TYPE" paralyzer/stun gun
reveng_type800stungun BR-800TYPE stun gun, reverse-engineered schematics - A schematics of Chinese "BR-800TYPE" paralyzer/stun gun
reveng_USBendoscope USB endoscope - characteristics of inexpensive endoscope-like webcam
reveng_USBmicroscope USB webcam microscope GenesysLogic Aveo - characteristics of inexpensive webcam microscope
reveng_WearableMicrodisplay Teardown: Wearable Microdisplay - Reverse engineering of a FPV Vision-720 wearable microdisplay
shorturl URL shortener - A very simple URL shortener
smtpreident SMTP ReIdentify - a simple SMTP microdaemon for rewriting the mail headers and envelope on recipient-by-recipient basis
spkftest SpkFTest - A simple system for testing UDP port forward for SpeakFreely
sw_8control OctoControl - 8control, a utility suite for controlling of OctoPrint server
sw_8term OctoControl Terminal - 8term/8mon, interactive monitoring and controlling of OctoPrint server
sw_bmp2laser BMP 2 laser tool - adjusts circuitboard bitmaps for MoshiDraw laser
sw_chip_AS3935 AS3935 lightning sensor - Small 500kHz RF sensor for lightnings
sw_chip_BH1750 BH1750-read - readout of a cheap light sensor, written in simple C
sw_chip_PCF8591 PCF8591-read - readout of a cheap 4-channel 8-bit ADC sensor, written in simple C
sw_chip_SHT30 SHT3x-read - readout of a cheap humidity/temperature sensor, written in simple C
swdoc SoftwareDoc - Various tidbits and comments about configuration caveats and antiadministrator mines in software
sw_DXFlaserutils OpenSCAD-DXF-MoshiDraw tool - OpenSCAD-DXF-MoshiDraw tool
sw_kbdassist Keyboard Assistant - invoke command for keypress or key combination, including press length
sw_LGTVcontrol LGTVcontrol -, a shell script for control of a LG smart TV
sw_mjpegparse mjpegparse - tool for extraction of single or multiple frames from MJPEG streams
sw_OpenSCADmerge OpenSCAD merge - merge use and include dependencies of OpenSCAD files into a single file
sw_PhotonControl Photon printer network control - File uploading and remote supervision for Anycubic Photon 3d printer
sw_picocom-shad Picocom-Shad - Enhanced functionality for picocom
sw_picoexif picoEXIF - minimalist EXIF tag generator
sw_polycam Polycam-ustreamer - ustreamer modification for multiple cameras, raw snapshots, data overlays
sw_qr2laser QR-code laser stencil generator - Generate DXF or OpenSCAD script for laser cutting a stencil for QR-code
sw_sercat sercat - cat for serial lines, with RTS/DTR control
sw_SerialOverIP_RFC2217 COM over TCP/IP, RFC2217 - Getting serial ports to operate remotely, over a network
sw_USBTMC_RigolScopeWifi Scope over WiFi - Rigol DS1054Z/DS1052D and other TMS/SCPI devices over network
sw_wavesync-shad WaveSync-shad - synchronized audio playback, variant with self NTP sync and callback-based playback
sw_WebcamStreamAutorun MultiEyes - a dynamically started set of webcam streaming servers, to run when the cam is attached
TacticalShoelaces Tactical shoelaces - Paracord shoelaces, for extra-heavy tensile strength
teacool TeaCool - An improvised tea cooling device. To make tea drinkable quicker.
therm Therm - a simple online thermometer. Registering temperature every 5 minutes from April 2003. Extremely simple hardware. Based on SMT160-30.
Thumbdrive_Floppy Floppy thumbdrive - Hardware project. Floppy disk modified into a flash disk container.
tool_3dPrinterMicroscope 3D printer microscope head - Head that converts a 3d printer to a computer controlled microscope
tool_Milliohmmeter Milliohmmeter - Hardware project, tool. Milliohmmeter measurement adapter.
ucalc UnitCalc - A simple commandline unit convertor.
wearable_KuchofukuFanShirt Kuchofuku air conditioned shirt - Knockoff of "kuchofuku" air conditioned shirt with built-in fans
webdiag WebDiag - Few tools for diagnosing HTTP connections
wormbounceid WormBounceID - A simple mail classifier for quick identification of bounce messages and executable code. Intended for use within procmail.
xeltek Xeltek Superpro 280U - Xeltek Superpro 280U tips and tricks



Various more or less small utilities.
More often than not quick and dirty and smelling funny.
You have been warned.
ccf CCF - a convertor between several Czech language representation (third party, minor patch)
dtmf DTMF - DTMF and generic single and dual tone (and pause) generator
guid guid - Globally Unique Identifier - generate a GUID string
iso9660shorten ISO9660shorten - shorten the file names in directories to fit ISO9660 specs
milspell MILspell - a simple military spelling alphabet speller
queryehlo queryehlo - Script for single-command querying the capabilities of all the MX relays for a domain
sendfile sendfile - send files by mail from command line
sh Shell Scripts - curlwget; czen, encz; dnsfreemail, dnsisp, ip2geo
timebeep Timebeep - Beeps once per second. Every 5th and 60th second is bept in a different way.
xcd xcd - shortcuts for changing directories
xcut xcut - Extended Binary Cut - cut parts from binary files by decimal and hex absolute and relative offsets